Fine Fiber Heavyweight Oil-Only White Pads

Fine Fiber Heavyweight Oil-Only White Pads


Fine Fiber White Polypropylene Oil Sorbent Pads

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  • Durable Fine Fiber mat controls oil under machines and conveyors.
  • Most popular mat used in industrial cleanup applications.
  • Use near machinery, in production areas and under assembly lines and conveyors.
  • 3-ply construction is strong and absorbent to take command of leaks and spills and good for foot traffic.
  • Perforations allow you to tear pads into different sizes based on your application.
  • Oil selective — repels water but absorbs oil and all oil-based fluids.
  • Pads are 15" x 19".
  • Up to 33.66 ounces of absorbency per pad.
  • 100 pads per package.